Biblioteca Vic

Biblioteca Vic

Competition: New library in Vic

Vic’s landscape is often marked by fog as a climatic phenomenon. We wanted to catch the fog and achieve its visual effects in the new city library. The building is covered by a double metallic skin creating this effect by overlapping the holes, blurring and mimicking the city, as well as exercising as solar control. The inner courtyard is a meeting area for the public that provides light and ventilation in the library, improving general comfort and reducing energy expenditure. It is visible from the outside of the street linking the urban public space.

During the day, the building is related to the city with its urban façade lines, showing its white skin and intertwining with the atmospheric environment. At night, the building brights and shows the vertical structures as well as the zigzag and its skeleton, showing a dark skin, just like the thermal inversion that causes the fog.

Colaboration with Edmundo Colon


  • Date : 23.09.2016